For those who wish to enjoy a very special daily cruise across to the Greek mainland of EPIRUS with its enchanting locations such as; fantastic beaches, sea caves, dolpins area, The Paradise islands, sand banks, and The Panorama garden. You can visit all those beautiful places!!

Departing from your nearest port we will heading to EPIRUS-Sivota fishing village where there will be plenty of time to wonder around. Then we will actually enter o the sea caves, hideaway of many Greek submarines during WW2.

After this, we will sail odds to the famous BLUE LAGOON where the famous film was shot.According to many historians, Arab pirates used to dock in the gulf during the Middle Ages because it was one of their favorite places.

We shall stay there long enough for you to enjoy your swim in the exotic green and blue waters or dive!Here you can also enjoy your meal, BBQ+salad with your refreshment, all included in the cruise price.

On the way back we will sail around the beautiful and historic Paradise islands odds to the dolphins area!!

Next stop to the very special place South Corfu named sand-banks (ideal for healing and meditation) where we can swim once again before we end to the Panorama Garden for extra relaxing!!  We will have enough time again for swim or ice cream-beverage-coffee, by the beach of Notos!! ENJOY!!

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